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Privacy of information

The Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service® is committed to safeguarding the privacy of participant information, and has implemented measures to comply with its obligations under the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 and relevant legislation in the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

Your email address and other information

When you visit this website, NSW Ministry of Health will record your email address if you send the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service® a message by email, or if you register a request for information and follow up. Registration for notifications may be made initially by email, post or facsimile. Your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it, and will not be added to any mailing lists without your prior consent by way of a specific request in writing. NSW Ministry of Health will not use or disclose your email address for any other purpose, without your prior written consent.

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Your record of visitation to the website

When you visit this site, the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service® makes a record of your visit and logs the following information for statistical or systems. administration purposes:

  • The user's server address.
  • the user's top level domain name.
  • the date and time of access to the site.
  • pages accessed and documents downloaded.
  • the previous site visited.
  • type of browser used.

This information is analysed to show broken links in our website, bottlenecks, and other site problems. We use this information to maintain Site efficiency. No attempt will be made to identify anonymous users or their browsing activities unless legally compelled to do so, such as in the event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the Internet Service Provider's log files.

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Privacy practices of linked websites

This website contains links to other sites. NSW Ministry of Health is not responsible for the privacy practices of any third parties nor are they responsible for the material contained in a website that is linked to this site.

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The Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service® applies a range of security controls to protect its website from unauthorised access. However, users should be aware that as the World Wide Web is an insecure public network that gives rise to a potential risk that a user's transactions are being viewed, intercepted or modified by third parties or that files which the user downloads may contain computer viruses, disabling codes, worms or other devices or defects.

NSW Ministry of Health accepts no liability for any interference with or damage to a user's computer system, software or data occurring in connection with or relating to this web site or its use. Users are encouraged to take appropriate and adequate precautions to ensure that whatever is selected from this site is free of viruses or other contamination that may interfere with or damage the user's computer system, software or data.

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Queries, concerns and further information

If you have any queries, concerns or require further information relating to privacy and the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service®, please email the relevant Department at:


If you have concerns about emailing this site, please use our postal addresses and write to the: Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service®  c/o - Remedy Healthcare, Level 7, Aurora Place, 88 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

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  • elizabeth-small.png


    • 63 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "My husband eats a lot better, not a lot of junk, but if he indulges I can say no and not let it worry me which makes me feel better in myself."

  • parminder-small.png


    • 33 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "It was very hard to start but once you do it's too easy and now it's become part of my everyday life."

  • ian-small.png


    • 58 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "I have gone from being an overweight guy who didn't exercise, to now where I consider myself very fit, very healthy. This has turned my life around!"

  • laurel-small.png


    • 50 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "One thing my health coach taught me was about calories, I am now very mindful of calories as well as 5 servings of fruit and vegetables... it's been a great learning experience."

  • roger-small.png


    • 56 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "It was very good having that person, it gave you some motivation and justification because if I hadn't done the right thing I was honest and told her, she didn't judge."

  • wendy-small.png


    • 41 Years Old
    • Get Healthy Graduate

    "We do a lot more as a family now, especially with the kids... I am not embarrassed to get into a swimming costume, I feel more comfortable"

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